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“I found out that Flint, Michigan wasn’t the only place with lead contamination. There were tons of places worldwide with water quality issues. I knew I wanted to solve this,” says kid ...

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This likely stems from a variety of exposures to lead, including from contaminated tap water and other sources. Indeed, 2016 tests revealed 30 public schools with elevated water lead levels.

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The water sample is tested for the presence of coliform bacteria using the total coliform test. If coliform bacteria are detected, the same water sample is tested for the presence of E. coli, as these germs can cause illness. To have your well water tested for coliform bacteria, pick up a sample kit from any DHEC office.

Jan 29, 2019 · A 13-Year-Old Science Entrepreneur Wants To Bring Her Water Testing Device To Market A young teenager in Colorado has been named one of Forbes 30 under 30, a list made up of the "brashest ... About Us. We are a full service environmental laboratory specializing in drinking water, wastewater, and ground and surface water. Our primary goal is to evaluate client's specific needs in order to educate and/or direct them to the appropriate testing, while providing excellent customer service and reliable data. Complete water test kit - everything you need to test your water; tests for 16 parameters, ensures lead free and ph safe drinking water; testing tube AquaScreen Drinking Water Test Kit - World's Most Sensitive Lead Test - 8-Parameters Detected in Tap & Well Water - Easy Test Strips for Lead...