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The premise of Attack on Titan sounds like ideal fodder for a video game: sword-wielding humans zip around cities trying to take down towering creatures that love to eat people. The most recent...

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The player launches a hook then does a front-flip with blades extended. It is good for a head-on attack. Trivia. Eren is generally shunned upon by the Attack on Titan Tribute Game Community, due to the Titan Transformation special causing a series of lag spikes to most other players, as well as often stealing kills from other players.

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Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom is a really fun game thats feels good to play. Attack on Titan is a pretty accurate adaption of the hit anime series of the same name. The game follows the first season of the anime. With new experience from previous Koei games take to it quickly.

Attack on Titan's latest gameplay iteration doesn't win any technical achievements, but is a fun, faithful adaptation that can rope you in with its traversal alone. Aug 26, 2016 6:00am Player ReviewsNov 04, 2013 · A new mod on Steam Workshop adds elements of popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan to Civilization 5 games, including a new leader, units and abilities. The Attack on Titan Civ mod by...